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YouTube tests new 'Song Search' feature: Find music by humming or recording



YouTube is reportedly experimenting with a new Android app feature that enables users to search for songs by humming or recording them for over three seconds. Limited to select users, the “song search” function can be accessed through the YouTube app’s “voice search.” Upon identifying the song, the app displays official music content, user-generated videos, and Shorts. This feature draws from the same technology as Google Search’s “Hum to Search,” but YouTube’s version is faster, requiring only three seconds of audio.


The platform recently announced that it will begin testing a new app feature on Android devices. This feature will enable users to search for a song by either humming it or recording it for more than three seconds.

This feature is currently accessible to a limited group of users. If your account is among the fortunate ones, you can switch from the YouTube app’s “voice search” to a brand-new “song search” option. After you have hummed or recorded the desired song, and it is recognized, the app will display associated “official music content, user-generated videos, and/or Shorts.”

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YouTube possesses a significantly more extensive collection of both authorized and user-created materials. A comparable hum-to-locate functionality has been accessible through Google Search since 2020.

Interestingly, the YouTube test is built upon the same technology. As per a report by TechCrunch, Google confirms the publication that this feature utilizes the same fundamental technology, but YouTube’s iteration is quicker. While “Hum to Search” on Google Assistant mandates 15 seconds of audio, YouTube’s version only necessitates three seconds or more.

Previously, YouTube has also implemented updates to enhance user experience and prioritize user preferences by making changes to YouTube Music. As part of this effort, a recent update has been introduced, featuring a slight redesign of the YouTube Music app mini player.

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According to a report from 9to5Google, the YouTube Music app has undergone a minor update that modifies the way users can navigate through the app to skip tracks and cast music to Chromecast-enabled devices.


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Updated: 25 Aug 2023, 04:22 PM IST


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