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YouTube Music rolls out real-time lyrics feature. Here's how to get it



YouTube Music has reportedly introduced real-time lyrics on Android and iOS, enhancing the user experience. This feature offers interactive, dynamically updating lyrics with improved design and alignment with the music. However, it is not yet available for all songs, but updates promise wider coverage in the future. Users may need to restart the app to access this feature.


According to information from 9to5Mac, this functionality is now available on the YouTube Music app for both the Android and iOS operating systems. To make use of this interactive musical feature, individuals will be required to perform an update to version 6.15 of the YouTube Music app if using an Android device, or version 6.16 if using iOS.

For those who regularly use YouTube Music, the Lyrics tab in the Now Playing section is likely a familiar feature. Although it fulfilled its function, it didn’t offer the level of interaction desired. The advent of live lyrics brings a remarkable transformation to the Lyrics tab. It showcases an updated layout with more readable text and better spacing. Yet, the true charm is its adaptability to the music being played. 

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As the song starts, the present line of lyrics appears prominently in white, while the preceding lines gracefully fade into the backdrop, guaranteeing an excellent visual encounter.

YouTube Music’s also page refreshes itself seamlessly as the song progresses to the next line of lyrics, ensuring a perfect synchronization with the music’s rhythm. An elegant detail is introduced with a blurred cover art background, complemented by a musical note that signals the lyrics’ appearance.

While this advancement holds the potential to enhance your music-listening experiences, it is important to observe that not all songs will currently showcase this real-time lyric feature, reported HT Tech. For tracks that haven’t yet made the transition, the conventional static lyrics will still be available. Nevertheless, as YouTube Music keeps progressing, there’s optimism that live lyrics will eventually become the standard for a broader array of songs in the future.

It is noteworthy that the availability of this feature might not be immediate for all users. To ensure you are one of the lucky ones to experience it, a few steps might be required. The update is currently accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, although you might need to give the YouTube Music app a gentle prompt. Simply go to ‘App info,’ select ‘Force Stop’ for the application, and then restart it. Remember that live lyrics might not be accessible for every song, so feel free to explore multiple tracks to uncover this captivating musical enhancement.

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